How to Deal with Wrongful Termination

There is no single word that can fully describe what it is like when you find out you have been terminated: sadness, disappointment, and anger. In fact, it is a rollercoaster of emotions that can leave you feeling confused and dozed. It does not matter how your employer phrases it; “we are restructuring,” “It is the layoff period,” they just mean the same thing: you have been fired. Sometimes the reasons behind your termination are not clear. Ideally, can an employer fire you without any reason? Can you sue the employer? These are some of the things you should do after a wrongful termination.

Keep Calm

When you are reading this article, there is a probability that you have already been fired. Now you are sitting, wondering what to do next. You are wondering why this happened to you and not another person. Although your situation is a bitter pill to swallow, you need to think back and be honest about yourself. Is there really a reason the HR manager has fired you.

Check Your Contract

job terminationAfter this, you need to recheck the contract and see whether the reason you were dismissed is covered in the letter. For instance, if you have been fired for failing to perform a job role that is not listed on the contract, then it is worth getting in touching with a lawyer. On the other hand, you may have signed an agreement that states your employer can terminate you for no reason. Although this sucks, it is legally justifiable. However, there are some exceptions when this clause can be used as a reason for termination.

Determine Whether You Have Been Unfairly Dismissed

After checking your contract and finding no reason why the employer dismissed you, then there is a possibility that you have been unfairly dismissed. In fact, there are many cases when that happens. If the contract promises job security after a probationary period, you can sue the company. Sometimes, you can be fired to prevent you from getting a promised promotion or commission.

Take Legal Action

you are firedIf you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated or unfairly dismissed, there are different ways you can challenge your dismissal. For instance, you can start by appealing to the employer. You should note that you should do so within three months of the dismissal. However, in some cases, being dismissed and getting a good recommendation letter can be a better option.