Possible Serial Burglar Caught on Camera in Tarzana

By Matt Thacker on June 27

Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Division detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify a burglar shown on camera trying to enter an apartment in Tarzana.

Tarzana burglary suspectThe burglary occurred Saturday, June 7, at around 1 a.m. The suspect climbed onto the utility meters outside an apartment in the 6300 block of Reseda Boulevard and cut the window screen. He then opened an unlocked window and entered the apartment. He stole cash and jewelry.

Detectives are also investigating whether the suspect assaulted a child who was sleeping inside the apartment.

Approximately 45 minutes after the burglary, the suspect returned and attempted to re-enter the residence but was unsuccessful. Based on evidence gathered during the investigation, police believe the suspect lives in the area or had a vehicle nearby.

Detectives believe the suspect also committed another burglary after leaving the residence. He is also suspected of several burglaries in the area during the past year.

The suspect is believed to be a 17- to 22-year-old Hispanic male. He is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall with a medium build and a short, neat haircut. He was seen carrying a cigarette behind his ear.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call West Valley Bureau Detective Patrick Aluotto at 818-374-7775 or 877-527-3247. Leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

  • nonation self

    the video DOES NOT show the suspect entering the apartment let alone climbing into a window and why would someone with even a lick of sense or a consciousness of being guity of something break and enter ON CAMERA if they were trying to get away with something?

    • Ed

      Surprisingly, some of these less-expensive security cameras do not come with a crew of directors, lighting technicians, etc. to call out “Action!” cueing the suspect that he’s being taped and for him to begin his attempts at breaking and entering. I’m guessing this might have been the case here, and he didn’t notice it.

      But you’re right – by all means – let’s give this obvious pillar of society the benefit of the doubt. Likely he was trying to help a little old lady across the street, and out a window. Or something.

    • Krusader

      Like yourself, most criminals are idiots.

    • Bill Bingham

      nonation, are you the guy in the video? I think your defense is weak. At best.

    • Sherman D. Oaks

      It’s obvious that he was simply checking to see if the screen was properly installed on the window, he does not want the resident to be bothered by those pesky flies that buzz around all summer! How thoughtful!