LAPD Detective Pleads to Assault at Massage Parlors

By Post-Periodical on June 25

A Los Angeles Police Department detective pleaded no contest Wednesday to assaulting three women who worked at massage parlors across the San Fernando Valley from 2011 through early 2012.

At a sentencing hearing Aug. 8, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Horwitz is expected to order 49-year-old Oris Pace to serve 180 days in county jail and to resign from the police department. Pace will also be ordered to serve three years of formal probation.

According to prosecutors, Pace was a supervisor with the LAPD’s Commission Investigation Division, which is responsible for enforcing business permits at massage parlors and other establishments. Pace was accused of forcing three victims to undress and fondling them.

Pace was arrested Jan. 2 and placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the criminal case.

He pleaded to three counts of assault while on duty as a public officer. Eight additional charges, including six felony counts of sexual battery by restraint, are expected to be dismissed at the sentencing hearing. He had faced a maximum of nine years in prison if convicted of all charges.

  • AnonyMoose

    Nice. Any civilian would have gotten the full sentence. Joke-tice.

  • normajeana

    According to Prop 35, all us sex workers are victims of sex trafficking, and our non violent , non abusive clients, employers and associates can be charged with sex trafficking and sentenced to 15 years to life, so why is it that LAPD cops can RAPE us and not go to prison for at least 3 years? And LAPD cops Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols are STILL EMPLOYED by the LAPD after raping at least 4 sex workers….

    • Jack

      How about the LAPD cop who kidnaped and raped that woman in a hotel, and taxpayers shelled out half a million dollars in a civil suit, and the cop was rewarded by keeping his job and is still on the street, and then he beat to a pulp and kidnaped that Universal Studios exec in a motel and taxpayers paid for another trial, and the cop is still on the street. How about that LAPD cop getting paid disability who still works the street in another city where he and other cops beat to death the homeless Kelly Thomas while apparently still claiming “disability” and costing another trial and a life. How about that poor young woman who was with her male friends after dinner and LAPD came by and kidnaped her and raped her and she fell out of the moving car. Unfortunately, there are many more incidents, many of which don’t even get reported, and the cops are never properly punished. It is not just “a few bad apples.” LAPD is a street gang. It is very costly to the city in terms of money, safety, and well-being.

    • Mark Mallard

      Glad he got convicted, but I think the sentence is about right. In your chosen profession, when you choose to offer your services to the public, anyone that fondles you while working and fails to pay should be charged with nothing more than misdemeanor “theft of services”. Unless, that is, you charge more than $400 to get undressed, which would make it felony “theft of services.”

      • Yikes

        You probably think it’s ok for husbands to rape their wives, too

        • Mark Mallard

          Well, since you asked . . . I don’t think it is “ok” for the cop to have committed this crime, so I don’t know where you get off using “too” as if I condoned his actions. But my statement is not a troll. Society has gone too far in considering everything a “rape”. The fact that you compare the officers conduct to rape demonstrates this. The OP here is a self-proclaimed sex worker and is crying about the “rapist” who got off. BOTH of you diminish the actual crime of rape by making such comparisons. And, incidentally, it wasn’t long ago that a man could not be charged with raping his wife, so what you THINK I believe was not an alien concept a few decades ago. However, for the record, it is not “ok” for anybody to rape anybody.

          • Yikes

            Rape is forcible sex. Period. Because they were sex workers does NOT mean it is open season for anyone to have sex with them as long as they leave some money.

            Your sick comment most certainly condones this sex crime, and putting a weaelly qualifier of “I’m glad he got punished but” ..only for theft not sex crimes…doesn’t take the stink out of it.

          • Mark Mallard

            Really? So if a someone is selling “sex” in a massage parlor and a cop comes in and fondles them it is “forcible sex” and therefore “rape”? As long as the patron leaves money it is not only “open season” it is what they are in the massage parlor to do and they are more than happy to get the money if they did not insist for it upfront. The sex worker is just happy not to get ripped off. Ask the OP.

            This is not moral judgment. I have been to the massage parlors and had sex with the women. Full penetration for about $100 plus the massage fee of about $50 for the establishment. So I’m not on some moral high ground here. And, believe it or not, I generally hate cops and hypocrites, which the offending officer is both. And I’m very pleased he loses his badge for acting under color of authority.

            But do you really believe that this cop grabbing the tits of a sex worker should land him in jail for the same term as a man who crawls through YOUR window and rapes you???? What has happened to you that you are so sick as to believe that this cop deserves to spend decade or more in prison??

      • William Kus

        I didn’t see anything here about the women being prostitutes or sex workers. I just saw that they worked at a massage parlor. Not all massage parlors are fronts for prostitution.
        Cops are criminals who get paid by the city to be criminals. They are allowed to break the law to keep the law, a truly hypocritical and broken system.

        • Mark Mallard

          And you sir have a valid point. I was responding to the first woman commenting here who was a self proclaimed “sex worker”. To me, this woman screaming “rape” is an outrage. If it was a legit massage parlor, and the cop was groping the women, it is still not “rape” but a sexual assault which should be punished accordingly. My point is you can’t have hookers who will have sex with you for a hundred bucks claiming they were raped because they were groped. I don’t give a crap about the politically correct position that any woman is raped just because they say so. Please reserve such claims for real rapists. Then, lock them up and throw away the key. But don’t espouse this feminist BS here. It only hurts your own cause. There are REAL rapists and then there are cops that grope women selling sex. Do not confuse the two.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    This is an amazing miscarriage of justice. This person was using his position of authority. This persons actions make me angry. The penalty he got makes me furious.

  • doubting tomas

    Throw the entire book at the sicko officer !!!

  • dfasfgl

    He was in charge of enforcing business permits. Why do we allow police to enforce business permits? The city of LA has an army of regulators to enforce civil violations, licenses and zoning laws. The only reason to put the police in there is because they want someone who can be violent and threaten the women who work there. I am sure that the police do not go into 7-11 or OfficeDepot or any legit business to enforce business permits. The city sends cops in to harass the workers. He is being punished for getting caught doing his job.

  • surferpl

    L.A. Sheriff’s Department is 10 times worse.

  • Tina Nguyen

    I think things like Rub Maps just increase the rate of parlors imo, it’s such an odd site like the yelp of happy endings and free reviews.